Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I miss snow. I miss mountains. I miss the sound of flocks of geese flying over on their way to southern climes for the winter. I miss the sudden surprise of a deer appearing on my lawn. I miss cotton candy sunrises as the sun first hits the snow on the mountain tops and fiery orange sunsets that backlight the mountains. I miss Colorado.

Friday, December 02, 2011

Man, it's hard to believe that it's been a year since I touched this thing. I guess I haven't been very inspired to write anything lately. It may be that nothing that interesting has really been happening lately. Oh, yeah, I was diagnosed with early onset prostate cancer. I am going to be starting radiation treatments right after the first of the year. The case is really mild and the docs are confident that we will knock it out. If that bunch of pessimists are ok with it, I'm ok with it.

Other than that, it's been work, go home, repeat 5 days a week. I haven't even seen any good movies lately, something I hope to change this weekend. I have heard really good things about "The Descendant" and I like George Clooney so I may catch it this weekend. The only place it is playing in Houston is at the River Oaks Theater, which is the "art" movie house in Houston. This theater has been around basically forever. My parent took me with them to see foreign language subtitled films because they couldn't afford a babysitter. They would regret it because I couldn't read the subtitles and would drive them crazy all night pulling on their sleeves, whining, "What did they say? What did they say?" Anyway, the old auditorium is still a favorite of mine and I don't mind driving the extra 15 or so miles to get there.

Other than that, it's football this weekend. University of Houston (my alma mater) plays for the Conference USA championship and a possible shot at the national title in the Sugar Bowl (GO COUGARS) and the NFL Texans play Sunday. Life is good.

Ill let you know how the movie is. Have a great weekend and stay out of jail.