Monday, October 20, 2008


Just as I am about to give up on the current generation coming out of high school, something happens that gives me hope. Last week, the students at Aledo High School in Aledo, TX ( a small town just west of Fort Worth) elected 18 year-old Kristen Pass as their homecoming queen. This is remarkable in that Kristen has Down's syndrome. Instead of going for the most popular or most attractive, these kids embraced the true spirit of inclusion and diversity, giving this young lady the thrill of her life. She has not removed her crown since. Here is a link to the story and video (I think):

Three cheers for Aledo. They are not all rednecks, after all.
Here's a little meme from Skylar's Dad that is kinda fun. You have to have something to say about each one word topic:

1. Clothes - usually and always at work, unless it is Naked Friday.

2. Furniture - mostly Early Marriage although we have been married 37 years.

3. Sweet - Dark chocolate in any form.

4. City - San Antonio, TX. I have been to many cities around the world but many of my happiest moments were in San Antone.

5. Drink - Casual drink is Fat Tire Amber Ale from the New Belgian Brewery in Fort Collins, CO but for serious drinking, either Grey Goose vodka and tonic or Woodford Reserve bourbon with a splash of water.

6. Music - Almost anything. Don't like punk much as it is too angry.

7. TV Series - For network, "The West Wing". For cable, "The Sopranos".

8. Film - "The Maltese Falcon" hands down.

9. Pastries - Starbuck's apple fritters. Yummy.

10. Coffee - Wait a minute, let me check the label on my IV. OK, Kroger Sumatran Blend. All of the flavor at a reasonable price.

No taggees - just do it if it feels good.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Love, Death and Vegas

I was in Las Vegas last week for a seminar at the Mirage. I hammered the casino for around $300. I'm surprised I wasn't banned but I guess they were feeling merciful. Anyway, I told myself before I went that, if I won enough money for a ticket to the Circ du Soleil show at the Mirage, "Love", I would go so I did win enough and I went.

This show is based on the music of The Beatles and has more dancing that true circus acts. It is truly spectacular, though. The opening actually made me cry a bit because it brought back so many memories of the time when The Beatles first came to the US. So much has happened in my life since then, most of it good but, by all means, not all of it. If you are a Beatles fan and get to Vegas, you should see this show. Take some cash, though, because the good seats are $150.

Flying back into Denver, we hit some very bad weather. I was listening to Air Traffic Control, which you can do on United, and they were constantly warning pilots of wind shear on the two runways that were in use. I have encountered turbulence before but nothing like this. Our pilot had to abort two approaches because of last minute wind shear. I was almost certain that the plane was going in the ground on the second one. The pilot decided to go to Colorado Springs instead but ATC talked him out it, saying that the front had moved off to the east. As we made our third approach, it was still very rough and I quit praying for a safe landing and just asked God to take care of my family. We did land safely, though. It took about twenty minutes for my hands to quit shaking from the adrenaline rush. After I calmed down, I got mad. The FAA should have suspended airport operations until that weather moved off. It didn't take very long for the front to move out and the brief suspension would have saved a lot of frayed nerves, as I am sure that we were not the only plane having problems.

I will be flying again next week to Indianapolis. I hope I don't have a similar experience or I may have to look into a seat on the Grayhound on my next trip.