Saturday, December 30, 2006

So Long, Saddam and Thanks for all the Laughs

I am a little surprised that the Iraqis actually executed Saddam Hussein. I guess I expected it to drag out like the process does here with appeal after appeal until the convict finally dies of old age. I will be curious to see what happens now. Since the factions that wanted Saddam back in power now have no hope, will they capitulate and let the country go forward or will their really be a full-scale civil war which will last for decades?

I can only hope that the Iraqis tell Bush that our presence is no longer required and that we get the hell out and go home.

On a related matter, there was a story on the CBS Evening News where CBS had an exclusive interview with a Taliban terrorist that the US would love to whack. This guy has vowed to murder as many Americans as he can. In the past, he was so brutal on the battlefield that Mullah Omar, no shrinking violet when it comes to violence, had to rein him in. CBS News knows where this guy is hiding and interviews him instead of carrying a laser in to "paint" the guy so we can drop a smart bomb on his forehead. As far as I am concerned, CBS News is now responsible for every act of terrorism that is perpetrated by this nutcase and should be (1) sued by any heirs for wrongful death and (2) prosecuted for treason. I'm fed up with the network bastards that trade lives for ratings.